WealthONE Residential Mortgages provide flexible payment terms, fixed or variable rates and pre-payment privileges to suit your needs. Our tailored mortgage solutions are especially suitable for self-employed and high net worth individuals, investors with multiple rentals and individuals who have overseas income (mainland China and Hong Kong). Our New to Canada Program can help both recent arrivals from China / Hong Kong who are Permanent Residents or hold Work Permits.

Features & Benefits

  • Borrow up to 90% of the property value
  • Market competitive rates, fixed or variable
  • Fixed: 1 to 5 years, or Variable: 3 years or 5 years
  • Payment frequency of monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, with accelerated options
  • Up to 30 years amortization
  • Eligible for rental / investment properties¹
  • Portable / Assumable

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Fixed Rate Your interest rate is fixed for the term of your mortgage. You have the peace of mind to know exactly what your interest rate and mortgage payments are during the term of your mortgage.
Variable Rate Your interest rate changes when Wealth One Bank of Canada's prime rate changes. You are comfortable with interest rate fluctuations.


Closed Terms You are required to make set payments at set times. A closed term mortgage does not provide for payout before maturity, except for permitted prepayments. Interest rates are typically lower than rates for open mortgages. Prepayment options are available to assist you to pay off your mortgage faster. You can pre-pay up to 20% of original principal and / or increase your payment up to 20% of original payment, annually.²

1Not for New to Canada Program.
2You are not able to pay more than the permitted prepayments without incurring a prepayment charge.

No matter whether you are a first time or repeat home buyer, renewing your mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage, we are here to provide relevant solutions.

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