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Welcome to Canada

WealthONE has been helping newcomers to Canada get established for years. In fact, many of our professional staff were newcomers to Canada themselves. We understand the journey and speak your language! You probably have lots of questions and one of the biggest financial decisions you will make is where you will live and how do you purchase a new home? We have several mortgage programs that recognize your status and are designed for newcomers.

Know your money is safe at WealthONE. We are a Schedule 1 Canadian-owned chartered bank and a Member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

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Newcomers to Canada (immigrants and returning residents)

Before you arrive in Canada

This video will help you get ready for your new life in Canada. It will explain some of the things you should do before you leave your country of origin to make sure you are prepared when you arrive in Canada.


Hong Kong residents and Canadians in Hong Kong

On November 12, 2020, Canada announcesd immigration measures supporting Hong Kong residents and Canadians in Hong Kong.


Applying for a Permanent Resident Card

How to apply for Permanent Residents (PR) of Canada and the necessary information you should know before, during and after your application.


Start your life in Canada

There are many key decisions relevant to starting your new life in Canada. This guidance includes how to find a place to live, find a job, get your educational credentials assessed, apply for health care, improve your English and French language skills, get your driver’s license, connect with your community etc.


Build your career network

As a new immigrant to a new country, the job market can be a scary and overwhelming place. You may have realized that you lack professional connections within your new community, and an understanding of Canadian corporate culture might be an obstacle you are trying to overcome. Luckily, there are different ways that you can build a network and learn how to find meaningful employment as a new immigrant.

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Find free newcomer services near you

Use this resource to find services near you, designed to helping newcomers adjust to your new communities and life in Canada.


About Tax and Health Care

The Canadian tax system

It is important for you to learn about the Canadian tax system and specifically what you need to know as a new Canadian with regards to benefits and credits that you can apply for in your province.


Get your Social Insurance Number

Go to this link for information about how to apply for your social security number. The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9 digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits.


Understand how health care works in Canada

As Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may apply for public health insurance. With it, you don’t have to pay for most health-care services. Learn about the different provincial and territorial ministries of health and how to get your health card.


Find out how coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is affecting immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport services

Covid-19 has had far-reaching global impacts, find out how it is currently affecting the process of coming to Canada and services for new Canadians here.


Banking and Buying a Home

Banking in Canada

Check out some basic information from the Canadian Bankers Association about the process of starting to bank in Canada for newcomers and the unique features of the Canadian banking system.


Your banking rights and new protections

Understand how Canadian banks must comply with consumer protections under federal laws and regulations. These protections help make sure Canadians have access to basic banking services and are treated fairly in their dealings with banks.

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Buying a home in Canada

Looking to buy your home in Canada? Check this out to learn about how to get the process started and prepare yourself financially for making this important decision. Effective January 1, 2023, the Government of Canada will be placing certain restrictions on the purchase of residential property in Canada by non-Canadians. We recommend you speak with a lawyer/ notary to confirm whether you’re eligible to buy a residential property in Canada before you start your home search. View Government Regulations.


A personal finance road map for newcomers to Canada

Learning to manage your money and investments is hard enough as it is. Now imagine having to figure it all out in a foreign country. You can check the Newcomers’ Guide to Finances in Canada which is a free, five-week newsletter course on personal finance and investing for people who’ve recently moved to Canada.


An immigrant’s take on banking and home buying in Canada

Maya Corbic, an immigrant from war-torn Bosnia, overcame financial challenges upon arriving in Canada with her family. Now a certified public accountant and author, she's sharing her expertise to help immigrants navigate personal finance. Maya's advice includes tips on building credit, selecting a bank, and entering the housing market wisely. Her aim is to empower newcomers with financial literacy to thrive in Canada's economy.


Building a Credit History in Canada

Building your credit in Canada is a crucial step towards financial stability and achieving your long-term goals. Your credit history comprises data collected from various financial institutions, retailers, and lenders detailing your past credit activities over a seven-year period. A good credit score opens doors to numerous financial opportunities, including obtaining mortgages, financing cars, and even qualifying for better cell phone plans.

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