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For G.J., it is more than just a mortgage!

“I really appreciate the efforts the WealthONE team have made to find a way out for me. They listened to my concerns and were very open and honest. Their solutions are smart and flexible for sure! I was at that desperate time after being rejected by several banks and then comes along the WealthONE team! I would recommend them to anyone!”
G.J., Toronto, ON

Meet the customer

G.J. is a self-employed software developer. She would like to purchase a rental property but was rejected by several banks when seeking a mortgage. G.J.’s primary source of income is from her App in the Apple App Store, which generates income and paid to her digital account when consumers download the App.

G.J.’s borrowing challenge

Without a business bank account, G.J. is unable to provide traditional bank statements to lenders to show verified income.

An innovative mortgage solution

G.J. learned about the self-employed mortgage programs offered by WealthONE by contacting one of the Banks representatives. She quickly submitted an application and a senior bank underwriter got to work on the file right away. We knew G.J. would have an ApplePay contract for her business, so using that and the verifiable deposits over 12 months to her personal account, we were able to approve G.J’s mortgage quickly for the amount she was seeking. G.J. was delighted and sent us a long thank you email for making her life so much easier!

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