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Download Your e-Statements/Tax Documents from Online Banking

    3 Steps to Download Your e-Statements/Tax Documents

    Statements/Documents you can download from Online Banking:

    • Monthly Account Statement
    • Annual Mortgage Statement
    • Tax Slips (T3, T5, RRSP)

    Step 1 Log into your Online Banking

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    Then select "My Accounts" on the top left side of the menu.

    Step 2 Select your documents

    To view savings account, GIC or mortgage statements, select "e-Statements".
    To view tax slips, select "e-Documents".

    Step 2 Select your documents

    Step 3 Download your documents

    For "e-Statements", select your statement year and locate the statement you want to download, then click 'Download.' The document will be downloaded to your local computer.

    For "e-Documents", find your document and click the title (i.e. T5), then click the download button to download your document to your local computer.

    Once the documents are downloaded, you can print them from your computer.

    Download eStatements
    Find and download edocuments