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A senior couple handed a house key from a female agent
I thought my plans had hit a dead end, but a call to WealthONE changed everything. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my life insurance policy could serve as a source of funding. The team at WealthONE showed great patience and effort in guiding me through the application process and offering valuable suggestions. Their support and guidance helped me achieve my dream, and I'm truly grateful. Kudos to the amazing team at WealthONE!
---Mrs. M, Langley, BC

Meet the customer

Mrs. M. had been dreaming about moving to a new home but after inquiring with her usual Bank, she learned that financing options were very limited. Feeling disappointed but not ready to give up, she contacted WealthONE to learn more about our CSV Line of Credit. She quickly learned that her Life Insurance Policy from a major Canadian issuer, qualified as collateral for a line of credit without interrupting the growth of her policy.  The WealthONE specialist helped her complete the simple application process and in only a few days, had more than enough tax-free money to purchase her new home!

It's more than buying a new home

Mrs. M. was able to get the funding needed to purchase her desired new home.  Her Life Insurance policy remains intact, and she even used some of the proceeds of her new WealthONE Line of Credit to purchase additional life insurance to provide even more protection for her family! 

A senior couple smiling at each other with a female agent sit across the table

Make the most of your life insurance policy

Use the cash surrender value (CSV) of your participating life insurance policy to secure a line of credit without interrupting the growth of your policy.