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Wealth One Bank CEO Paul Leonard chatted with personal finance expert, Bruce Sellery on his popular SiriusXM radio show "Moolala - Money Made Simple”

    Paul spoke with Bruce about financing investment and rental properties and shared his insights on the real estate market and how WealthONE is working with mortgage brokers and clients to ensure that they get the best guidance and solutions to support their real estate investments.

    Moolala is a personal finance training company founded by business journalist, TV host and professional speaker Bruce Sellery. This episode was aired on SiriusXM Radio Canada Talks – Channel 167 on Saturday Oct. 22 at 10am ET and Sunday Oct.23 at 11am and 9pm ET (and anytime on the SiriusXM app). The full episode is available to listen and download through this link:, the WealthONE section is from 47’29” to 58’14.

    Portrait of Bruce Sellery in a camera

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