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In a Message of Solidarity...

    As an organization, we are saddened by the anti-Asian racism that continues to plague communities throughout Canada and the U.S. In fact, anti-Asian hate crimes have increased since the pandemic began and in Canada incidents are rising, up 700 per cent in some regions.

    When WealthONE Bank was founded almost 5 years ago, our stated Vision and Purpose was to make accessing financial services a welcoming experience for Chinese-Canadians and all newcomers to Canada and that will never change. We will continue to work hard to strengthen the sense of inclusion for Chinese-Canadians, and indeed all communities across Canada.

    The racial injustice we are witnessing, which we realize many of our teammates experience all too often, is unacceptable to all of us...Racism, prejudice and violence of any kind has no place in Canada or anywhere for that matter.

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