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Become a WealthONE Broker GIC referral partner

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    About WealthONE

    We make it easy for CIRO-regulated nominee brokers to offer their clients our GICs, because WealthONE is a member of the CANNEX Financial Network for GIC transaction processing, ensuring a secure, accurate and reliable experience.

    For RDBA registered brokers, our automated order platform makes it easy to place GIC orders for your clients.

    WealthONE’s dedicated service team, consistently posted top-tier rates, low minimum investment, and full commissions are just a few of reasons why brokers and advisors across the country choose us for their client’s GIC investments.

    Established in 2016 as a Schedule 1 Bank, WealthONE has become one of Canada’s fastest growing banks and leading providers of advisor/broker GICs.

    For more information about becoming a WealthONE Broker GIC referral partner,

    Bernard Roy, Manager Deposit Broker Services