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Wealth One Bank Introduced New Mortgage Policy for International Students

May 28, 2019, Toronto - Wealth One Bank of Canada held a seminar at OTT Financial to introduce new mortgage policy for International Students from mainland China and Hong Kong. Participants include international students, parents and professionals from real estate industry.

WealthONE International Student Mortgage allows international students to apply for mortgage by themselves, while their parents act as guarantors. This makes international students have 100% ownership of the property which simplifies the process for future property transactions and provide important tax advantage.

Deeply connected with the Chinese community in Canada, Wealth One Bank of Canada is proud of supporting students from mainland China and Hong Kong to enjoy a more convenient life when studying in Canada.

Mr. David Jiang, Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of Wealth One Bank, introducing the policies of WealhONE International Student Mortgage

Gift bags prepared by Wealth One Bank for participants

Fine afternoon tea was provided for guests