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Wealth One Bank Sponsors Canadian Chinese University Alumni Table Tennis Tournament

Toronto, ON, June 9 and 10, 2018 – As an active participant in the Chinese community, Wealth One Bank is very proud to sponsor the Canadian Chinese University Alumni Table Tennis Tournament that takes place over the weekend at the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association in Markham.

This is the 2nd annual tournament of its kind following the huge success last year. All players are Chinese immigrants working or living in Canada and graduates from various universities across China. There are 64 teams consisting of 428 players in total, plus cheer leading teams, friends and families making this event the largest Table Tennis game in Canadian history.

Wonderful Moments

“Wealth One Bank is an energetic, agile and a new Schedule 1 Bank determined to serving the needs of the Chinese community in Canada, and we invite each of you to be part of our story in making the mark.” says Harris Newman, VP of Sales & Marketing, Wealth One Bank of Canada at the Opening Ceremony

Spectators watching the Final Competition. 64 teams, 428 players, 384 games in total during the two-day tournament.

“Are you having fun?” Marianne Taggio, CEO of Wealth One Bank of Canada, at the closing ceremony.